Affiliate Program

Helping Individuals, Leaders, and Brokers Join the Revolution

5% commission
  • Our affiliate program pays 5% of the investors amount as commission for every investor you refer. Due to the high value of the investors amount, affiliates stand to make serious money with one of the most lucrative bitcoin affiliate programs around. All you need is an account with us, and you’re ready to earn.

Even More for Leaders (Benefit)

RB Investment Company offers regional representative
accolade to any investor that meet up with our requirements with regards to investment portfolio.

1. 6% commission
2. The company will make a provision for agents that will visit your country for innovation at least once in a year
3. The company will provide a free Visa for the annual conference once attained the requirement as a regional representative
4. The company offers health insurance scheme for a period of 5 years
5. The company will provide scholarship scheme to the investors at least one child
6. You can be able to request for a loan from the company
7. The company offer a month vacation visa to any country of your choice
8. The company will include the investors opinion with regards to decision making process of the company
9. Annual Recruitment invitations for the regional representative